Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Encouragement for walking the long hard road to publication.

I read a great article by Richard White in a guest post he did for the good folks over at Novel Publishing Group. As I'm chopping away at my very first novel I find myself strangled by a gamut of emotions. Sometimes I'm really excited about living the dream of writing a book that is picked up and published. At other times I'm gripped by the shear terror of tons and tons of rejection letters that seem to inevitably haunt those who write.

I find myself these days enjoying the ignorant bliss of writing without fully knowing what to expect once I'm done and seeking a literary agent and ultimately a publisher. Articles like the one by Richard White really inspire me to never give up. Whatever your pursuit or dream keep swinging the ax. The forest will eventually clear before you.


  1. Yes, the key is to 'keep swinging the ax.' As a playwright the most difficult play I wrote was the first. It was agonizing because I hadn't yet acquired a discipline for it. Now, twenty-three plays later with several published in anthologies- I am a different writer altogether.

    Writing is a humbling experience and there is definitely a maturation process involved. With enough “swings of the ax,” comes precision and a host of other skills that lead one toward becoming a good writer.


  2. Javon
    Thanks for the encouragement. Great words of wisdom for sure. I really appreciate it. I checked out your website. You are doing some really great and cool things. I agree with all you said. I can tell already I'm learning as I write. I hope to stretch and grow more and more along the way.